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Above the Clouds

Brandee Turner

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     Everyone has a story to tell. Your life’s journey is a chapter each to that book. While my story  is through my lens...

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You talked about the gift of  Resiliency and then you talk about compassionate being a gift. God has graced you with  Resiliency but something more.... GRACE 
and  you wear it... grace is your cloak of invincibility!!!!”

“ ...I started thinking, so this is the woman who looked at me with compassion and saw the desperation on me and in me.

     I remember you saying that you had a different opportunity, but chose me, and for that I am so appreciative I see that God used you as an invisible shift for me.”

“ Reading about your childhood and the drug usage in the home and all around.... dysfunctional function all to common... People really are just trying to do the best they can with what they have.  makes me want to just have a more measure of grace towards people and myself”



A phenomenally beautiful, and intelligent woman of faith, Brande’e Turner, also known as Brandee is a wife and a mom of three lovely children. She is a natural born leader who enjoys encouraging those that she comes in contact with. Brandee is a mentor with Young Women of Promise Inc, a program that provides young ladies with God-centered mentoring; and an active participant  of Alliance of Extraordinary Woman, an organization whose goal is to educate, motivate, and elevate women to a new and better reality. Brandee has been one that many people look up to, and they value her advice. She does not take this unofficial role for granted – she recognizes the importance of having that support system at no cost or obligation. She stands on the promise of unconditional love and wants others to do the same. Brandee’s mission at 40 is to continue to push pass generational barriers and start to explore and create generational wealth and stability for her family. She will continue to lean on God to complete the narrative of her life.

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