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Invisible Shifts

Everyone has a story to tell. Your life’s journey is a chapter to that book. While my story  is through my lens it is just that, mine. Growing up in the 80’s to a young mom made for an interesting life for me. There was pressure that I had to endure. Drugs, mental health, death, and generational curses were added burdens to my struggle. Despite all of that I truly believe that God’s plan for my life trumps it all.


     This expedition has been an enduring one, but the undistinguishable shifts God already mapped out before me has helped me to navigate the roads a little more smoothly. My stories are through Brandee’s eyes. Names, places, and overexaggerated details are not as important because that’s not the focus - but how I overcame, or overcoming is instead. God gets the glory in it all, and without His nudge and love the outcomes could have been different. I’m still a work in progress, and I believe I was positioned to ride this journey so I will embrace it. He’s with me every step of the way!

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